CraneBoard® Board & Batten

Architecture has rhythm and flow. Add the charm and dimension of rustic cedar grain and you’ll kick in a lively change in tempo. Its wide, architecturally correct 10-inch boards replicate real cedar and lie flat so your beauty can be admired without interruption. As an accent or a theme, the vertical lines of CraneBoard® Board & Batten will make your home design truly swing.

  • Authentic wide board design with hand-milled cedar grain look
  • Smooth locked edges make everything seamless
  • No Painting. No Scraping. True Maintenance Freedom.
  • Neopor® adds up to a 19% better R-value depending on profile
  • 200% stronger bond with our TXL™ Lamination Technology
  • 64% greater impact resistance
  •  Quiet!  Reduces noise up to 45%
  • Wind resistant up to 130 mph
  • Life of the Home Limited Warranty

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